What is innotex ?

InnoTex Solutions & Collaborations is located in the heart of Toronto’s Fashion district. Our goal is to elevate textile companies globally by providing them avenues to succeed through innovative solutions and bridges to the right supply sources for their products.

InnoTex has collaborated with a number of companies in Korea, Pakistan, India, the U.S., and Canada and plans to collaborate with more companies and countries globally in the future.

The Pandemic has laid down many challenges, however, InnoTex understands where there is a challenge there is also an opportunity! We believe not only to survive, but to scale in these uncertain times is important and that the only way we can do this is by “building bridges” and investing our time in innovative solutions.

Our idea is to understand and find solutions on all sides of the table by collaborating with designers, textile firms, and suppliers to be involved in the learning process and to find solutions for them to develop creative products that meet end customers’ needs.

Our connections

We operate out of five key markets globally and counting.

Our textile supply chain certifications

Why choose InnoTex ?


We believe there is a solution for every challenge or idea.  Our objective is to connect the right solution to the right product – from a specialized source. We find specialized solutions from multiple global sources.


We are a North American company who has the reach of the east & west. Our suppliers have the infrastructure to produce a variety of products using both traditional machinery and modern day technology. To create something special and unique we always encourage our clients to be involved in the process.


Our vision is to collaborate with many companies, designers and suppliers who are looking for solutions to grow their businesses or can offer solutions to other companies and have them uniquely positioned

the pillars of innotex

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