About Us

Our Story

InnoTex Solutions is a North American textile company founded with a clear vision: providing innovative textile solutions while collaborating with designer companies and elevating them from their competitors.

At InnoTex Solutions, we weave dreams into reality. Founded just two years ago, our journey began with a simple yet profound mission – to revolutionize the textile industry by marrying modern-day techniques with the timeless beauty of traditional textile technologies.

Our Values

Our organization provides creative and reliable value additions to the industry.

We value limitless imagination, bridging possibilities, sustainability, outstanding customer service, high-quality products, and reliable supply chains which will raise the creative bar at every level.

Meet the Founder

Aamir Thobhani

Aamir Thobhani

Meet Aamir Thobhani, the brain and passion behind InnoTex Solutions. He moved to Toronto with a decade worth of experience from the textile hub in Karachi. There, he developed an understanding of local capabilities in developing home textile products to mass retailers around the world, including Walmart, Target, Primark, ARGOS, TESCO, and NEXT UK.

In the last decade, he invested in connecting with craft and quilt fabric companies towards building strong, reliable bridges across countries like the US, Canada, Pakistan, India & South Korea. The vision of InnoTex came during COVID with the idea of bridging gaps with innovative sustainable solutions.

We dedicate our time to understand how we think about textiles. We need to take steps in the direction of innovation that lead to small impacts in shaping the industry and offering improved user experiences.

Meet the Team

Altan Noor

Altan NOor, Country Head (Pakistan)

Altan Noor, our Country Head, has a diverse technical background, his Master in Chemistry allows him to understand the science in managing color psychology with design aesthetics.

Over two decades of experience with major textile companies out of Pakistan, has provided abundance of knowledge and direction to technical teams while managing our client orders.

His approach on green initiatives includes direction towards reducing water consumption, saving energy, ink utilization and decreasing wastages while working with traditional and modern day technologies on a number of substrates ensures our supply chain is ethically strong and environmentally friendly and also provides an innovative sustainable platform while developing new products.

Daniela Morales

Daniela Morales, Creative Consultant

Daniela Morales is a passionate Designer dedicated to fostering positive change in the Textile and Fashion Industry. Daniela embarked on her journey studying Textile Design in the vibrant city of Mexico City. 

What truly captivates Daniela is the enchanting connection that unfolds behind textiles—where artistry and purpose intertwine to create a narrative that goes beyond the surface.

Join Daniela on her inspiring quest to weave together innovation, sustainability, and the rich tapestry of creativity in the textile landscape.